The Future of Higher Ed Report 

Finding the intersection of higher ed challenges and student needs

The Future of Higher Ed Report takes a deep dive into understanding how recent graduates evaluate their experience in higher education, and opportunities for their alma meters to improve. This report details student preferences related to how they learn, how COVID-19 shaped their world, and how institutions should support mental health outreach.

Based on a survey of 500 recent U.S. college graduates, the Future of Higher Ed survey reports that while classrooms may return to a sense of normalcy, students want flexibility in how they learn. At the end of the day, students need to drive digital transformation across campus and all departments.

Key takeaways from this year's report include: 

  • The need for institutions to adapt to a variety of learning styles
  • Email is still a preferred mode of a communication for students
  • Why higher ed needs to make ancillary services available remotely and 24/7
  • Students will put a greater onus on institutions to help manage their mental health
  • Data privacy is no longer a priority - but must be used to improve the student experience

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